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Website Management In One Place Not All Over The Place

Custom User Permissions

Limit access to the screens and accounts your team needs. Choose from default permissions or create your own. Super granular.

Track Historical Data

Tracking website logs, access, screen shots, and data over time allows teams to take meaningful action.


Get notified immediately if your site is under siege! Choose the thresholds to send notifications.

Technical Monitoring

Flip DNS and take down a site? Check yesterday's or last year's records, and restore it. Also, monitor SSL & Domain.

Performance Monitoring

Track uptime and Core Web Vitals. Receive actionable insights to improve desktop & mobile speed.

Take & Keep Backups

Daily backups stored and kept for up to a year. Non-WP site? We've got you covered too!

Performance & Technical Monitoring

Did your domain get blacklisted? IP Address change? Site go down? Does your host suck? The monitoring modules will keep their eye on every aspect of your site.

7 Platforms in One

Still logging into 7 tools and cobbling together client reports? Stop that. Monitor all of your Wordpress websites in one tool. It works with any CMS. Make the switch today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need more details? Here are our most popular questions or schedule a one on one so we can show you all the features WatchTowerHQ has to offer.

Can WatchtowerHQ support my CMS?

WatchTowerHQ is platform agnostic. Our monitoring tools can monitor a website on any CMS. We also have basic WP features such as plugin and theme updates straight from the dashboard.

What data is historically tracked?

Site speed trends, screen captures, IP changes, uptime.
Wordpress specific: Theme updates, plugin updates, CMS updates, CMS access & update logs.

Talk to me about Notifications...

Own your notifications. Choose which notifications you send, to whom, at what frequency. Also you set the threshold trigger for a notification to be sent.

Does WatchtowerHQ support staging sites?

Yes. Tie as many additional environments as you need to one site. There is no additional charge for additional environments.

I manage 100+ websites, can WTHQ handle?

Yes. WatchtowerHQ doesn't have a limit on the number of sites that you can have. Speed and functionality would not be affected with more websites.

How is your Wordpress Suite different from ManageWP?

WatchtowerHQ has a lot of tools outside of the Wordpress Suite that will make your life easier. We can support non-WP websites, keep data historically, require 2FA for security, and technical monitoring, amongst other things.

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