Website Monitoring for Teams

Fed up with using tools that get sold to GoDaddy, lose their founding team, and slowly die? Tired of sub par customer service that takes 72-144 hours to get a response?

Our founding team is intact and not only focused on a world-class customer service experience, we’re focused on making WatchTowerHQ the best website monitoring tool for teams.

SEO Monitoring

Have you created a sitemap? Is Google Analytics tracking your site’s traffic? Get a general overview of where your site’s SEO-sensitive data stands.

Daily Backups

Take them daily, store them for a year. Restore them quickly from one of your backups. Automate these as you would like, or take them manually.

Real-time Uptime Monitoring

Kiss false positives good-bye. Set your limits, get updated when they’re triggered.

Performance Insights

Wondering why no one stays on your website? It’s probably because it’s Ford Fiesta slow. Figure out what you need to do to transform it into the Porsche it deserves to be.

Domain and SSL Registration Monitoring

Stay on top of your renewals. Don’t become another victim of domain squatting. Get regular notifications -- set at your own intervals -- so you always know when your domain or SSL certificates are about to expire before it happens.

Historical Data Tracking

A snapshot in time is great for some. You’re not some. Most are like you, they want to see how data looks over time. Screen shots from last May? Easy peasy. Site speed today relative to 2 months ago? One click.


We’ve got you covered. You control who gets alerts, which alerts they get, and when. All for you to control within your account.

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Custom User Roles

Select from one of WatchTowerHQ's user roles with granular permissions selection or create custom roles to fit your organisational needs.

Always Up-to-Date

Automated Updates

Set it and forget it by scheduling WordPress theme and plugin updates in advance. Every Tuesday at 7am? Not a problem with WatchTowerHQ

One-Click Access

Access your WordPress site or staging environment with one click right from the website dashboard.

Book a Demo

Take a deep dive into WatchTowerHQ with a member of our Customer Success Team.