The Tool Built by an Agency for Agencies

For the past 6 years WhatArmy has operated as a 100% remote website maintenance company.

We needed a solution to optimize our business. We tested a number of them on the market.

None fit the bill. We created our own - WatchTowerHQ

For the past 4 years we have managed our maintenance business using WatchTowerHQ. Our team no longer visits 617 different websites to collect information.

We get everything we need. All in one place.

As businesses navigate a post-pandemic world we hope releasing our tool into the wild can improve your internal processes, like it has for us.

“We got sick of logging into six dashboards to find an answer to one problem”

We needed a tool to watch our backs.

With hundreds of clients, development teams, and third party vendors - it's hard to track who is doing what. 

When disasters strikes we needed a tool that has all the information to identify the who, what, when, where, how of the problem.  More importantly, we needed something to identify issues before they become a disaster.

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Peace of mind

We needed to sleep at night and know there would be no unidentified disasters in the morning.


A minor issue took multiple people, 10 accounts, and a couple hours to track. Now we quickly know not just what, but why & how something happened.


Alerts were sending from multiple systems and getting lost in the mix. Now all notifications are stored and sent from one dashboard.

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