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About WatchtowerHQ crawlers

You probably came here because of the traffic we generated in your infrastructure. We would like to explain why we do it and what is the nature of these requests.

WatchtowerHQ is a statistics accumulation, backup and monitoring tool, which monitors various aspects of website performance for our clients (most likely also your clients if you offer web hosting)

You can read more about what we offer our customers here (https://www.watchtowerhq.co/features/).

Our service may generate some additional traffic but it is always related to the website added by the client.

We try not to make life difficult for other companies. Tasks related to making backups are performed during the least inconvenient hours. We limit the number of requests to an absolute minimum.

All requests from our service are described with appropriate http headers.

IP addresses of our servers may change frequently.

If you have any questions, please use contact page

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