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17 March 2023

Release of Updates 7.3.3 & 7.4.0

Today we made two large pushes.

In 7.3.3 we revamped the UI and made it overall more sleek. While this isn’t finished and there’s much more to come, this revamp made many things easier to navigate.

In 7.4.0 we added a number of enhanced functions that we’ll get into now.

The Big Stuff:

Update #1

Notifications: WordPress Specific - - Admin Account Added - Admin Account Edited (email changed) - Admin Account Removed
What is it?

Adding, Editing, and Removing Admin accounts will trigger a notification.

Why does this matter?

You'll be notified any time an Admin account changes. This can be an early indicator of a bad actor getting into a website and let's you immediately take action if an alert was suspicious or unexpected.

How do I get started? These are setup for you and will begin to notify you when an Admin is added. Update #2

Reporting: Allow download of CSV file with CMS Access Log What is it?

The ability to download a CSV file with all

Why does this matter?
Previously WTHQ would track the CMS Access, but there was not ability for the user to download and manipulate that data. How do I get started? From the Individual Website Screen select Reports, in the dropdown you will now see export CMS Access Log Update #3

User Experience: Added Contacts to Main Menu, Multiple Contacts per Company What is it?

Historically every Company was limited to one contact and in order to access Contacts you had to go into the individual website. Now you can add multiple contacts to every company and assign Primary Contacts to each company. Don't worry, the contacts that were in WTHQ before are now marked as Primary.

Why does this matter?
Some companies have more than one contact that needs reporting, or emergency contacts to be contacted in the event a site is down. Those contacts would've had to have been tracked in Notes or in another system. Now all contacts are there for you and your team to see. We added Contacts to the main menu so you can see the complete universe of contacts on one screen and quickly reassign, edit, or delete them. How do I get started? It's all there ready for you to go! If you have additional contacts to add to a company, go into the individual website screen, click on Contacts in the menu, click Add Contact, and you're ready to go! Update #4

Change: Customers to Companies What is it?

A change to the nomenclature.
Why does this matter?
With the expansion of Contacts, having Customers and Contacts was too similar, so we changed it to Contacts and Companies. Contacts are meant to be individuals within a business. Companies are meant to be businesses. How do I get started? You're all set. 7.4.0

[7.4.0] – 2023-03-07

### Added

– (migration) store WordPress (users) – roles count in database & display it on website overview page
– Allow Adding Generic Website from command line while creating tenant (–first_website_url=””)
– WordPress: notification about (Admin Account Added, Admin Account Edited (email changed), Admin Account Removed)
– Try to predict website type and store value in database (only WordPress for now)
– Create Support For Tagging Customer Contact(s), Migrate Customer Contacts To New System
– Create separated notification system for External Notifications (to company->contacts)
– Detect change in screenshot and trigger notification (attach to email heat map of changes overlaying screenshot)
– Add live chat and make it premium feature called (premium_support) – without it – fall back to email support
– Allow set Internal Email Notification address when creating new website (from modal)
– Add notification on website edit modal when changing company to website is attached

### Changed

– Hide external contact on website notifications until we write all customer front facing notifications
– Disable all external contact notifications until we write all customer front facing notifications
– Add actions into “contacts tab & page”
– Remove padding on all “modals”
– Move Download WP Client into user drop down menu
– In place “Download WP Client” add “Add New User” button – called “Add Teammate”
– Rename “user” to “teammate”
– On Website Notifications settings page hide dropdown for selecting comparison type when only one option is possible
– Website Notifications settings are now divided into logic tabs (WordPress, Backup, Monitoring etc.)
– Website Backup Dispatching Button is now using status from Queue not (backup progress api)
– Website Backup Tab – Now is fetching / deleting failed backups using new API endpoint
– Add plus icon instead of text on (edit website / create website) – modal
– Changing company (old customer) assigned to website will trigger re-assign primary contacts for automated report and
delete those without it
– Hide vulnerable plugin entry from dashboard for generic website (in case someone changed from WordPress to generic)
– Make dashboard tiles greyed out if there is 0 websites inside it

### Fixed

– (migration) Set “created_at” on customer_contact to be exactly as customer_create at (only for migrated entries).
– fix to handle schedule monthly automated report from day (x) to (last day) by deleting value
– fix saving automated website report: missing (sections.access_log) – if report was created before adding
– fix pdf report – broken layout in case “robots” file contain very long line
– allow only adding additional uptime urls in exactly same domain as main website url
– allow only adding additional screenshots urls in exactly same domain as main website url

## [7.3.3] – 2023-01-04

### Added

– new queued tasks tab
– ability to change seamless login redirect page to updates Wp view
– single view “in progress” indicator
– Add (wht:audit-customer-website-count) command
– Allow download CSV file with CMS Access Log (for WordPress only sites)
– Add CMS Access Log into PDF website export file
– While creating new tenant automatically sync shared false positive database
– Add detecting CRLF in WHT JSON client response and log-it (caused problems with DB backup)
– Improved way of downloading WordPress MYSQL database backup using “object” endpoints (to support large MYSQL
backups) – if client support it >= 3.7.4
– Add Contacts page to main menu (showing all contacts with filterable table)

### Changed

– new navigation look. New dominant color
– fresh ui seamless login awaiting page
– Move Automatic Reports into separated modal
– Change multiple Website Notifications names
– Company can have multiple contact’s info (email, first name, last name) – create migration + relation + convert bulk
email tools + edit (lot) modals to reflect it
– Allow selecting primary contact info
– Automatic Scheduled Reports – can be assigned to customer contact (add pivot relation)
– Trigger All Backup Progress Events From Model Observer (fix not updating files backup list after being completed)
– multi-select field – from now accept icon (used on customer contact to display primary icon star)
– Remove (EncryptBackupCredentials) post update migration
– Remove (MigrateBackupMalwareRecords) post update migration
– Remove (MigrateSSLErrorFromObjectToTableBody) post update migration
– Change Seo tab to Analytics on Single Website View
– Change #seo to #analytics anchor in notifications & rest of code
– Make “Latest Fetch Date” on Single Website View auto update itself to show correct elapsed time.
– Change “Customer” to “Company”
– On Website Performance Tab – display lighthouse_desktop_raw,lighthouse_mobile_raw from compressed mysql field &
prevent sending uncompressed field for test before dropping uncompressed field for good

### Fixed

– Always allow fetching latest website data no matter to premium feature of historical data tracking – allow viewing /
deleting website that was disabled for couple months
– Always make sure “Dashboard Stats – Read Google Analytics Issue” is cleared while disabling GA support for website
– Fix crashing adding / editing page while switching Google Analytics to (ON) & not selecting from dropdown any
integration (fail with internal server error).
– Fix sending pdf report in bulk email tool

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