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24 October 2023

Is it Worth it to Start a Web Hosting Reseller Business?

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In the ever-expanding digital landscape, web hosting has become an indispensable service for businesses and individuals alike. As the demand for online presence grows, so does the opportunity to venture into the world of web hosting resale. But before you dive into this venture, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons and determine whether reseller hosting aligns with your skills, resources, and long-term goals.

We’ll help you answer the question is it worth it to start a web hosting reseller business? Follow as we dive into the intricacies of reseller hosting, exploring its potential benefits, inherent challenges, and key considerations for success. By the end of this journey, you’ll be equipped to decide whether reseller hosting is the right path for you (hint, likely not!).

Potential Pitfalls

One of the biggest challenges in reseller hosting is the potential for server downtime. Imagine the frustration of your clients if their websites go down during peak seasons, like the holidays. Such incidents can damage your reputation and strain client relationships.

In addition, if you’re reselling hosting, your clients may look at YOU as the host (which you half are…I guess), and then when their site goes down, the time you spend on getting their site(s) back up is already sunk.

A couple of considerations:

1. Dependence on Parent Provider: Your business’s performance is tied to the reliability and reputation of the parent hosting provider. Choose a subpar partner, and you’ll end up the same way your ex-wife left you, standing on the street corner with your shorts around your ankles.

If you think web hosting reselling is right for you, we believe WPEngine is best in class.

2. Limited Control: You have limited control over the underlying infrastructure, relying on the parent provider for server maintenance and upgrades. If something goes wrong, it’s not your fault, but be ready to take the brunt of your client’s downtime wrath!

Maintenance Routines

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the smooth operation of your clients’ websites. This includes updating plugins and themes on WordPress, taking website back ups, and monitoring performance. Neglecting these duties can lead to security vulnerabilities and performance issues.

Security vulnerabilities = hacked websites.

Common Issues

Apart from server downtime, you may encounter other challenges, such as:

  • Technical issues: Clients may turn to you for technical support, requiring you to possess troubleshooting skills. Good on you if you have a friend or colleague who’s a developer.
  • Resource limitations: Shared hosting environments can restrict resource usage, potentially affecting website performance. Have 100 sites on the same shared environment? One gets hacked? Shit rolls down hill baby!
  • Client management: Handling billing, support, can be demanding. That said communication (if not automated) may be the biggest issue. Clients noticing their site is down, even if for a minute, and emailing in requires a response.


To minimize risks and simplify your workload, consider these strategies:

  • Direct client sign-ups: Encourage clients to sign up for their own hosting accounts, allowing you to provide support without being responsible for server issues. They just need to give you access to their hosting environment.
  • Third-party vendor management: Bill clients for time spent managing third-party vendors, such as hosting providers.
  • Maintenance and security tools: Utilize tools like WatchTowerHQ for maintenance, monitoring, and security.
  • Reliable hosting partners: Recommend reputable hosting providers like WPEngine to ensure quality service for your clients.

To Sum It All Up

Reseller hosting can be profitable, but it’s essential to approach it cautiously and implement strategies to mitigate risks and streamline your workflow.

By following these recommendations, you can navigate the world of reseller hosting with greater confidence and success.

In the end, is it worth it to start a web hosting reseller business? If you’re not clear on our position, don’t do it.

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